Catastrophe Awaits Outside

As I pave my way through my blog journey, you will slowly learn more and more about me, my dogs, my favorite and least favorite things and much more.

I will begin by telling you this:

I’m a dog person.

For the record, I have no opinion on cats.

However, my dog Pearl (aka: Hurricane Pearl/Mayhem), has lots of opinions on cats.

She finds them tasty, sharp, fast, frustrating and downright confusing.

Normally she is great on a leash and LOVES her walks. All business. She is the self-proclaimed Mayor of the neighborhood.

During our daily walk this morning, the sound of shrieking cats coming from behind some neighbors’ homes put H. Pearl off her game. She lost her focus.

Instead of walking straight ahead as usual, she meandered like a low-flying kite. All day long she has been cantankerous and stubborn. Exiting through the back door to the fenced yard is not an option. The only door she will agree to darken today is the front door leading to her imagined cat-utopia. Unbeknownst to H. Pearl, what she envisions is not reality. Cat-astrophe awaits.

Many of her escapades, or shall I say escapes, have led to her returning home in a bloodbath equivalent to time on the battlefield. Her memory is short when it comes to cat-egorizing events as good or bad.

The good news is that I have found a great way to get her mind off the feline fantasy. It’s called thunderstorms! Though her behavior during storms is another story for another day, I will disclose this much…. thunderstorms….. that is how she acquired her full name.

“What do dogs do on their day off? Can’t lie around – that’s their job.” – George Carlin (comedian)

Next time: Back to school and the tax debate….

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